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When Phil Jackson first took over the Bulls, he was intimidated to meet Michael Jordan.

But Jordan, being the champion he is, walked in and his first words were, “Tell me what to do. I’m coachable.”

Excellence doesn’t happen by chance. It grows from a combination of a fierce readiness to learn, skilled guidance from experienced mentors and personal persistence.

I don’t coach often.

But when I do coach, it’s hard, deep and no-holds barred.

In other words, it’s not for the timid. Not for the languid. Not for those doomed to stay in failure.

In fact, when I begin one of my coaching weekends (The Boldness Code/ The Guaranteed Girlfriend) – my first words are:

“I am not here to be your friend. I am here to be your best friend. I
am not here to be nice. I am here to tell you the truth.”

You’re busy and I’m busy so my goal with you is to break you through your obstacles into new levels of success. And that often requires both an interior and exterior process of transforming habits and committing to them.

I offer three levels of coaching:

Private Coaching – I only take 3 men per quarter. It’s for the 7-figure earner who is often too busy, works too hard and is too public a figure or “responsible” in the real world – and knows he needs a (1) good jolt, (2) the personal erotic communications skills and (3) a curated experience of filtering through women to get his personal life handled once and for all. To apply, go here.

The Guaranteed Girlfriend Program – this is my “Inner Circle” of men devoted to refining their lives, thought habits, communication skills and dating and social life so that all align directly on one goal: attracting and inspiring the devotion of ONE extraordinary woman. It is a program that combines (1) a rigorous curriculum, (2) weekly group coaching calls and (3) half off to ALL my live events, anywhere in the world, for a full year. To learn more and/or apply, go here.

Adam’s 911 Email Service – this is for you if you want to get an obstacle removed, a girl intrigued, a profile improved, a burning question answered. You are buying my ear for 3 emails back and forth. It is recommended for you if you have something very specific you wish to accomplish rather than a long-term process. This coaching costs $97. To sign up, go here.