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 If You Ever Wanted To Learn The Secrets To
Quickly and Effectively Snag the Attention And Ignite The Excitement of Women…

Then Join Me In LA for a special

“The Art Of Confident Communication
And Swift Seduction”

To me, there is nothing more fun that walking up to a gorgeous woman – or writing her online and sparking a fun, flirtatious  moment of opening– and then surprising her with a deep, open, vulnerable dive into truths other men wouldn’t dare explore…

Women are BORED and they want you to bring laughter, truth, delight, ease, fun, intrigue and conversational LIFE and LEADERSHIP!


It’s a special “Art Of Communication and Enlightened Seduction Seminar.”


You can have the BEST intentions…

You can be a GREAT guy…

You can be financially stable, thoughtful, skilled, warm – all of it…


If you CAN’T OPEN A CONVERSATION with ease and lead her into something sexy and exciting – she will NEVER know that about you…

Because she will slip through your fingers!

Ready to end that forever?

Get Rid Of All Hesitation Once And For All – Because I Will Give You All The Natural “Ready” And “Easy To Use” Openers And “Erotic Escalation” Conversational Templates You’ll Ever Need

Men who are successful with women do not allow self-doubt or shame to hold them back.  The secret why I – and my graduates – can approach ANY woman is that we have CLEANSED OURSELVES of neediness and needy communication. 

We have cleansed ourselves of the all-too-obvious adolescent “gimme gimme” vibe that pick-up boys evince…

… and have replaced with the far more masculine, far more powerful and far more FUN vibe of a man who KNOWS HIS WORTH and freely offers it…

… because you have more to give and no “rejection” can stop you.

In fact, after this weekend, the word “rejection” will not be in your vocabulary any more because if a woman doesn’t choose to receive your offering – that will be her loss.

I have no doubt about who I am as a person, who I am as a man, and about the gifts I bring – whether someone wants them or not.

And when you carry yourself with this vibe after this Intensive, you will feel GREAT about yourself, no matter what happens.

By the way, I’m serious about that.  As you will get during this special focused weekend workshop – when you get yourself solid in your mind and offer the gift of yourself naturally and with high intention to make her life better – then it’s HER loss if she dismisses you.

With What You Will Learn During This Intensive, Women Will Look At You and “Feel” You as a Different Man – as a Confident, Positive Man Who Is Unlike Those Other Lunkheads Hitting On Her…

After coaching men across continents, I have come to see and understand that you might be wounded by the past.  That you might have been betrayed.  Or rejected.  Or maybe you never really “cracked” the woman code…

I have seen so many men HARSHLY JUDGE THEMSELVES and shy away from bringing their full, happy selves to women – because they have come to believe they are not worth it, inside.

What I have also learned is that that men – possibly you – have forgotten, or don’t even realize what makes you ATTRACTIVE TO WOMEN.

It’s not what your guy friends tell you what women want.

It’s not what childish “be an alpha male” slickster-dating-gurus scream at you to be.

Women Want Your Real Selves – And They Want You To Communicate In Exactly The Assured And Confident — Yet Open And Vulnerable – Ways That I’m Going To Show You…

Extraordinary women want you to be real.

And there are EFFECTIVE ways of communicating your realness – as well as awkward ways.

When you get the communication techniques I (along with my friend, master dating coach, David Wygant) will give you during this 2 Day Weekend Intensive…

This Workshop was designed to SOLVE – ONCE AND FOR ALL – any hesitations or doubts you may have about how to communicate with women successfully…

You Deserve An Abundance of Women…

You deserve to feel invincible.  Every man deserves to become “that guy” – the one who can spark sexual energy with any woman in any situation.

More importantly, you deserve to be the most powerful version of yourself so you don’t have to memorize lines or present a fake version of who you aren’t ever again.

I agree — books, ebooks, CDs and DVD Programs are GREAT.  They help.  A lot.

But for the first time EVER – you are going to get both me and David Wygant – LIVE – for a whole weekend to FIX ANYTHING YOU NEED FIXING , to TUNE UP your communication skills online and offline – to FILL IN ANY GAPS YOU MIGHT HAVE… and to have a blast doing it!

Here is just some of what you’ll learn at this once-in-a-lifetime event:

  • We’ll review the top 9 qualities successful, confident men possess that naturally attract beautiful, sexy women . . . and how to quickly and easily bring out those hidden qualities in yourself.
  • Do you ever notice that your mind is trying to ‘sabotage you’ out of success with women?  We will teach you proven ways to break free of those deadly limiting beliefs which are holding you back from meeting and dating the hot women you desire.
  • Learn the 3 simple actions that will make your PHYSICAL PRESENCE felt immediately, to trigger instant attraction without ever speaking a word.
  • Do you ever feel that women just don’t seem interested? We will show you how to become a master conversationalist that will have women hanging on your every word.
  • Do you ever ramble in conversation? Learn ONE SIMPLE technique that will have her confessing things that she has never told any man, which in turn will accelerate her attraction to you. [Focus her!  On You!]
  • Learn how to naturally get attention from women, without having to demand it, and by making it a clear “plus” for her.
  • Discover the rare secret of how to get others to open up to you (HINT: It’s not only how you frame it, it’s HOW you say it).
  • How to eliminate all feelings – and physical evidence – of ‘nervousness’ and build an abundant dating life for yourself.
  • How to eliminate ‘approach anxiety’ forever.
  • How to turn heads and get everyone to notice you EVERY time you enter a room in the first 5 Seconds!
  • The one technique that will eliminate doubt and fear, and will trigger confidence EVERY time.
  • How to train your mind to learn from your mistakes, and turn a negative into a positive.
  • Learn how to command the respect and the attention of others.
  • Learn how to build attraction and create anticipation through non-verbal communication.
  • How to make her feel curiosity and fascination towards you before you speak.
  • Learn my “reframing” techniques that makes it impossible for her to say “no.”
  • Learn how to “pace” her into Yes, Yes, and Yes again – the quickest way to create mysterious rapport and familiarity

Early Bird Special For The 2012 Art of Communication Seminar!

The total investment for the seminar is $795.  This event is two jam packed days, at a fraction of the price of a regular boot camp, so don’t miss out!

The first 7 people who sign up for the Art Of Communication Seminar will get a special bonus private dinner & personal coaching evening with me Sunday (April 1st) night.

 June 23 – 24, 2012
(10am – 6pm Each Day)
Los Angeles, CA
Investment: $795


Reserve Your Spot Here


Believing In Yourself Is The Key To Meeting Women. Period.

People call it “inner game,” but really let’s call it what it is: having the “brass balls” to do what you want, and learning how to be authentically confident so that negative self-talk never overwhelms you.

The Moment That I Understood This, My Success With Women Went Through the Roof…

You probably know my story by now – when I first became single in my thirties, I had NO IDEA how to date, how to talk to woman, how to CLAIM them, much less simply get them interested in me sexually.

I was far too “nice” and felt GUILTY about leading them into a fun, happy sexual rendezvous.

That CHANGED when I suddenly learned that if I simply “TOLD” women what we were going to do together – they would do it!  In other words – if you don’t lead, she can’t follow.

  • I will show you how to LEAD a woman into romance
  • I will show you how to unlock the sexual energy that she yearns to give to the right man.
  • I will show you how to let her know from the start that you are not a nice-guy friend, but that you are a clear sexual option.
  • I will show you how to take ANY conversation lead her down a path of romance and sexiness… if she is open to it all, she will take your hand and follow.
  • I will teach you how to communicate from the essential “abundance mentality,” so that no woman every feels you as needy again [this single technique changes EVERYTHING!]

I Will Show You How To Create The Spark Of Attraction Online, Offline, Quickly And Naturally…
It’s a SKILL, Not a GAME!

I’m sure you’ve had a similar realization.

Maybe you tried an ingenuous “pick up line” because you heard it worked, but when she called you out on it – you felt like a goofball.

Or maybe, one day, after months of banging your head against the wall doing it WRONG, you woke up and realized that it is time to stop playing games, and to start becoming the man you have always wanted to be.  You decided…

No more tricks.
No more routines.
No more games.
No more faking it.
No more mediocrity from you or from women

… and no more settling for women you don’t find THRILLING.

I will show you how to communicate with women in many ways:

“I Am Choosy And I Choose You!”

When you stop worrying about what SHE thinks, and when I focus you on being the BEST COMMUNICATOR YOU’VE EVER BEEN of your own value…

  • You will have much better sex.  You won’t feel the need to convince women of your worth, you won’t be the “sex salesman” – you will FEEL like the kind of man women trust and will entrust their bodies to…
  • You will learn how to SURPRISE women by showing that you have no fear about speaking your mind [“bad boy” edge doesn’t’ mean leather jackets, it means you say the truth, where other fear to say it, calling out the elephant in the room – or her “masks” and “shields”]
  • You will became a natural with women because you will learn how to start from your worth and her “mystery.”
  • You will learn how to make simple observations, start conversations everywhere and anywhere – no matter how SHY you may have been in the past — and to listen and react to what she says – while maintaining the HELM of the DIRECTION of the conversation…
  • You will learn how to be an “active” listener who is able to take her deeper than she may be able to take herself – and she will thank you for it…
  • You will learn how to FILTER out the women who won’t make you happy, so you can focus on the ones who will…
By spending years mastering these skills, and teaching them in my Boldness Code Bootcamps, I have boiled down for you the formula for manifesting an abundance of beautiful, loving, evolved, sexy women.


YOU Deserve All Of This In Your Life, And You Can Have It With This Intensive

I am from NY, so I talk fast, and I will give you more ideas, tools, techniques, verbal-reframes and conversation templates than you can use in a YEAR!

And I’m going to give it you LIVE and in-person.

I have spent years thinking about and figuring out ways to put all of this guidance together into one event…


“The Art of Communication And Seduction Seminar” will blow your mind.  More importantly, it will ACCELERATE you in the right direction to become the man you want to be – while attracting the women you truly desire.

Early Bird Special For The 2012 Art of Communication Seminar!

The total investment for the seminar is $795.  This event is two jam packed days, at a fraction of the price of a regular boot camp, so don’t miss out!

The first 7 people who sign up for the Art Of Communication Seminar will get a special bonus private dinner & personal coaching evening with me Sunday (April 1st) night.

 June 23 – 24, 2012
(10am – 6pm Each Day)
Los Angeles, CA
Investment: $795


Reserve Your Spot Here



“I Benefited Tremendously From Adam Gilad’s Personal Advice…”

“I benefited tremendously from Adam Gilad’s personal advice regarding my online profile. He has a sharp intellect, is a fast thinker and is beautifully creative with words. I have also been able to discuss with him a personal conundrum and he gave me his frank opinion, which was very helpful. Moreover, I wanted to attract a different type of man. Adam skillfully remedied the situation indirectly by simply adding a few pertinent sentences. Last but not least, he is on time and totally focused on the task at hand during the phone conversation. I recommend Adam’s personal consultations with highest enthusiasm.” – M.C., NewCastle England


You may be wondering, “So who is this for?”

This Seminar Is For Anyone Who Desires To Instantly CONNECT With Beautiful Women — Anytime And Anywhere.

I am not just talking about connecting with average women either.  I’m talking about those women you see walking down the street who you’ve always told yourself were out of your league or with whom you had no chance.

You know what I’m talking about…  All those times you’ve seen a woman you told yourself you had no chance with, and before you knew it she was GONE.  Opportunity to connect with a gorgeous, sexy, confident woman gone… AGAIN.

Not only am I going to teach you how to approach and talk to her, but I am going to change the mindset you’ve had up to this point in your life, that’s been limiting you and sabotaging you…

I’ve seen this transformation happen thousands of times.  When it does, that strong, powerful, confident man – the man sexy and gorgeous women want - will be YOU (and you’ll KNOW it, trust me).

YOU will be the man women gravitate towards…

YOU will be the man who can turn an awkward moment into a LIGHT moment of laughter and connection…

YOU will be the man who has the “ready quip” to spark fun in her day…

YOU will be the man who can take her deeper, suddenly, authentically, and start a mutually revealing, deeply connecting interchange where she will feel closer to you in 30 minutes that she does to friends she’s know for years.

It’s Time To Take Action And Live The Life You’ve Always Dreamed of With Women.

Stop wasting your time trawling bars, shouting for attention.

Stop being “submissive” in ANY way in your language or your body language…

NEVER AGAIN WONDER WHAT TO SAY – because by the end of the weekend, you will have ready “back-pocket” openers and responses that are cool, natural, authentic to the moment and PROVEN…

Below is MORE of what you will LEARN during this powerful “The Art of Communication And Seduction Seminar” Intensive…

  • A step-by-step plan on how to start and BUILD rapport anywhere!
  • How to be naturally funny based on what’s happening in front of her, or IN her…
  • How to stop “future thinking,” and how to be 100% present in the moment.
  • How to create your own personal stories to share with woman so they feel attracted to you {your hero story, your nurturance story, your danger story)
  • How to give ‘good phone,’ so she is excited about meeting you – NOW!
  • How to create instant (and funny) intimacy by learning “the nickname secret.”
  • How to master the art of touch, and how to escalate sexually with words, actions and (most important!) non-verbal communication.
  • How to hone your own unique and powerful personality so you never wonder about what to say or use any canned routines again.
  • How to turn the dreaded “friend zone” into “the girlfriend zone” (hint: it happens in the first minute, not down the line).
  • Where NEVER to take her on a date – and how to create a ROMANCE atmosphere anywhere…

This The Art of Communication And Seduction Seminar is jam-packed with new breakthrough discoveries that will help you eliminate the approach anxiety, self-doubt and FEAR that are destroying your chances with women.  Transform yourself into the powerful, confident attractive man that every women is desperately looking for!

REGISTER FOR  THIS Groundbreaking 2-Day Event NOW…

Here’s what you get in a nutshell: 2 full days locked in a room with me and with my friend, coach extraordinaire, David Wygant.

Saturday (10:00am – 6:00pm)

Saturday is all about overcoming any communication obstacles that have prevented you from succeeding with women.

The best guys with women are also the best conversationalists. My goal is to teach you everything I know about how to be a master communicator because when I learned how to communicate with women on an authentic, passionate level – with NO HOLDS BARRED –  my dating and sex life exploded.

The first day is spent with myself, David and a woman coach who will walk you through tons of day-scenarios and exactly what you should be doing to achieve success with women.

You Will Role Play With Women During The Intensive…

…and we record everything, so afterwards I can personally show you what you did to open up a woman and what you are doing to shut them down — and help you make immediate changes.

Everyone will get a personal recorded breakdown of how to communicate with women in everyday situations.

You’ll pick 4 places you desire to meet women, and through the power of video and role playing, we will teach you how to create openers in each situation. We’ll go over everything – from voice tone to story telling and body language – and everything in between.

Imagine having a personal video with me (and David) critiquing and teaching you – and having this amazing tool available whenever you need to review it!

That night you and a partner will head out for a night on the town (LA!)  with several custom-tailored exercises you both need to accomplish before the night is up. This allows you to go out on the town and practice everything you just learned, while it’s still fresh in your head.

Sunday (10:00am – 6:00pm)

You report back in the morning on how your night went, and as a group we will share success stories and failures – and then I’ll tell you what you can learn from each! This is always the more fun part of the weekend, and it’s amazing the transformation that takes place, just from the morning before.

Every guy in the room feels better about himself once his is able to go out that night and practice what he has learned

and the energy in the room Sunday morning is always amazing as guys are all sharing their stories with each other. Afterwards, I’ll sit down with you and your partner and break down how you can improve on your night game with women.

The rest of the day Sunday, we will review advanced communication and seduction skills – particularly – how to ESCALATE THE EXCITEMENT AND ATTRACTION in any conversation.

I talk about how to turn her on with the power of your voice and how to successfully end each and every date.

You’ll join us in the front of the room and put your newly acquired story telling skills to work.

If just reading this sentence makes your palms start to sweat, don’t worry, by the time this part of the day rolls around you’ll be looking forward to it.

By the time Sunday evening rolls around, you won’t believe the changes you see and feel in yourself. The entire weekend is full of interactive exercises geared towards one thing - getting you out of your head and into the opportunity of the moment - and by the end you’ll know all of my communication and seduction secrets!

Early Bird Special For The 2012 Art of Communication Seminar!

The total investment for the seminar is $795.  This event is two jam packed days, at a fraction of the price of a regular boot camp, so don’t miss out!

The first 7 people who sign up for the Art Of Communication Seminar will get a special bonus private dinner & personal coaching evening with me Sunday (April 1st) night.

 June 23 – 24, 2012
(10am – 6pm Each Day)
Los Angeles, CA
Investment: $795


Reserve Your Spot Here

Oh, and one last thing…

You can’t afford to miss this. It will change your life, and there’s no risk to you attending.

Finally, take a look at your investment. I created 2 Day Format  so that everyone can afford it.

I want to be able to impact and help as many men as I can.

This life and this journey has been so amazing for me, and I want all of you to feel the way I do every day.

It’s time you and I worked together and made these changes in your life!

Can’t wait to meet you in person,

To Your Best Life,

P.S. Don’t believe that one event can transform you and that what I teach is unlike any other seminar out there? Check out what these guys have to say after attending…



“This Should Be A Mandatory College Course…

“This should be a mandatory college course for all men. It strengthens your inner core while finally helping you understand how women really work… I have a whole new insight into women and their hearts.” – S.D.


“Thanks For Taking The Steps To Help Men Become Better”

“First and foremost thanks for taking the steps to help men become better in general. I have been working on my confidence level lately and took the steps to not only enhance what I already have but more importantly gain new knowledge through research. Led me to your program. I am loving it. The self affirmations make a huge difference through constant repetition. Instant Impact. Thanks again.”
– Juan


“I’ve Now Found Her…Because Of You!

“I don’t need your programs any more Adam. I set out looking for the love of my life 6 months ago, and I’ve now found her — online, and because of you! Now I am even, actually – you may have to shoot me – thinking of, gulp… marriage
— Jaime, Texas