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Deep Online Attraction

Deep Online Attraction is the most comprehensive and helpful guide you will ever find on how to create an online dating profile that delights, intrigues, mystifies, suggests, romances and qualifies her. All toward one purpose: to get you to STAND OUT from all the white noise of other guys’ profiles. Drawing on Adam’s deep experience as a University Writing instructor, award-winning writer and director in Hollywood and years of experimenting, testing, tweaking and enjoying the bounty that is online dating (when you do it right!), Deep Online Attraction will teach you not only how to construct a profile that opens more questions than answers, but how to write to her in a way that no one else can or will. Check out Deep Online Attraction here.


Deep Erotic Mastery

Every man knows that he can be a better lover, but so few have the balls to do something about it. For those men with balls who know that ALL life skills can be improved, Adam has assembled the best information and the best teachers to assist you in becoming the lover she’s always dreamed off. From very fundamental techniques involving all parts of her body, to more advanced verbal, lingual, mindset and tantric techniques, this program will give you the confidence to know that when you get physical, it will be a night/week/month/year/decade/lifetime she will NEVER forget!!! Deep Erotic Mastery is currently off of the market, but will be returning soon – so stay tuned.


Instant Confidence With Women

Adam created this program because he kept finding the same issue afflicted men in the ApproachConnectInspire community – that although men are good men, with much to offer, they often don’t come across as confidently as they deserve to. Part of this is because of cultural expectations they have absorbed about what they are supposed to look like or sound like and part is because they carry genuine doubt engendered by bad parenting or harsh experience. That doubt and hesitation ends here. Instant Confidence With Women is designed to give you EVERYTHING YOU NEED so that she feels your most authentic confidence –and then some! From how you present yourself physically via body language, to the 21 Conversation power-flippers which keeps you in control, to the modules on style, getting some “bad boy” edge in your approach, sexual confidence and how to cull your most powerful confidence from your qualities as a good, nurturing, protective, hard-working man (qualities women actually ADORE and DESIRE) – you will find that you are armed and equipped to handle any situation with any woman and ENJOY it finally, rather than having anything to worry about at all. Check out Instant Confidence With Women here.


Masters Of Approach

If you’ve ever wanted to sit around a table with the most skilled and the best teachers of how to approach women in any situation, day or night, holding the authoritative position in full confidence and authenticity – then you want this program. One-by-one, I draw out the most effective and important lessons on how to open a conversation with women, how to escalate talk into something with sexual energy – all in a spirit of fun, truth, adventure and daring. After you go through this program, you will have enough material to quickly and effectively engage women anywhere in the world. Check out Masters of Approach here.