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Shall I nominate you for a Nobel Prize - Henry F, London, England
You have separated yourself from the pack with your unique focus on online dating, and I appreciate the NLP techniques and explanations you are using, which are priceless. - Larry P, SF

It will give you confidence on how to be charming,witty and unafraid to approach women! Good sound and it did make me laugh!! Which adds to the enjoyment of listening!! and I went through it all!! Keep up the good work for all us wussies!! - Carl G England

I would recommend the D.O.A. system to any of my friends because of Adam’s ethics, his way of thinking… he’s not out to get more notches in his bedpost, he really cares about women. Keep up the good work… you’ve got a great program here  - Tim M, Ontario, Canada

“Invest in your continued learning.” This one statement, simple yet profound, sums up why the program is so empowering. Reminding a person that with PRACTICE you create the success that you want life that you desire. The anecdotes were a particularly nice touch. I didn’t know that Michael Jordan didn’t make his high school team! Even the greatest had to start somewhere… - John, UK

I have gained both competence and confidence with using Adam’s material. I believe that he is very knowledgable in the subject. When you need to get better at something in your life you must look for mentors in that area. I feel that Adam is such a mentor. - Michael Y, Las Vegas, NV USA

This program should be part of your continuing education about today’s women and your relationships with them. The fact is they (and our relationships with them) are evolving and changing a great deal (and have been over the last 20 years). This program will expand your knowledge base and bring you into alignment with what is currently going on with women and how to really tap into them more effectively. - Nick L, Uniondale, NY, United States

You teach people how to listen to a women so that they can gain your trust and confidence in order to move the relationship on to a more intimate level. Adam this is a great program, I’ve listened to other dating gurus who teach you that you have to be a jerk in order to get women. You get it that you don’t have to be that way. – Dan P, Walhalla, South Carolina

It will completely change your outlook on women and dating. – John W, Florence/KY/USA

I purchased D.A.O. immediately after your David D interview, I found Adams material really helped improve my profile. I was used to technical writing, and doubt I would have ever figured this approach on my own. - Jordan L, Suffolk County NY

Time is precious and you only get one chance to make a first impression. Make it a good one, skip all the classic mistakes, and cut your learning curve significantly. This can material can do this for you. – Paul, Brisbane, AU

The missing link to my online game! - Jean L, Quebec, Canada.

“It’s likely that your current online profile simply blends into the dust beneath the feet of the most desireable women online, along with those of a thousand other men. This section will reveal the secret to creating a profile that will magically unfold before the women you want to meet, drawing them to you like moths to a flame. Are you up for it?” – Steve M, Sunset Beach, NC

Hi Adam, it’s been somewhat of a shock to learn of the raft of things I must address to be successful with women. Still, I am more than thrilled with the knowledge that you and your team have provided me with. .It’s like after a hot, hard day when you rip the top off an ice cold bitter, the fizz bites your nostrils, and you pour it down knowing it’s gonna hurt, but it’s SOooo good. – Rick W,  Brisbane, Qld, Australia

Sorry Adam but this stuff is too good to share with my competition! -  Dave, Ireland

this will help you to learn how to really reach the woman you have only dreamed of having if you really listen to what is being said here I think you are doing a great job in helping guys so keep up the good work. – Steve G, Springdale,AR

Welp, the majority of guys are pathetic in the online department. I’d suggest Deep Attraction Online to anyone who’s been through some of the other materials, just because it has a human side. I like the less ‘in your face’ approach that Adam takes with women. It has a charm, where c&f doesn’t. More likely to work online than c&f too.  - David, Huntsville, TX

Adam is Da Bomb! - Kyle, Alpine, Utah

Great stuff. All of it. Your work brings guys a welcome combination of brilliant insight, key information, coherent personal development skills in a unique and genuinely ethical approach. Thanks mate. – Rob S, Sydney, Australia

Once you’ve gotten a woman’s attention, how do you keep it and how do you build it up into the deep attraction that you want to achieve? That’s the secret that Adam willl teach you here. Rather than fumbling on what to say next and how to say it, you’ll be able to confidently lead her along the path to your bed. Or hers perhaps. Either way the destination is great. I can’t wait to get the rest of the program! I want to immerse myself in the language of attraction to the point where it is second nature. I am very thankful that Adam has done this and for the gift he has given me and many other men. – Pierre P, Chino Hills, CA

The program is really educational and fun also makes one see outside the box, go against the flow.. And to be ready for too many fish heading their way. Great work! - Amir S, Egypt

It helps you see from the women’s point of view. If you can get into her head, you can lead her almost anywhere.  - Jon K, Scottsdale, AZ

Of all the dating material I have seen so far, this stuff blows away everything else in the area of online dating and communications technique. Solid gold. Even better than the techniques are the solid “inner game” tips. The inner game stuff alone was worth the price of admission. Tom W, Atlanta, GA

Adam, your work is absolutely dead-on when it comes to learning how to attract women online and off. You have an ungodly and amazing way with wording that rivals most everyone else out there and inspires guys to not only improve their dating life, but also our own personal lives from the ground up. -Matt L., Manhattan, KS

I would say that between you and David D, you have shown me the light in that being able to date is not something to just hope for and get lucky with, but is really a skill that we all can nail down with practice, persistence, and the right mindset. Thanks for everything and keep the groundbreaking advice coming. -Matt L. Manhattan, KS

You just might have created the killer app of online dating. The program delivers so much more than it promises. -Michael, Austin TX

Truly amazing stuff. If your ever in Memphis, give me a call because I’ll buy you the biggest steak just for pointing me in the right direction. Dave, Memphis

I like the idea of an audio version since I can load it onto my iPod and listen while driving, working out, etc. You have built a powerful, systematic, and structured tool that will help us to be successful in setting ourselves apart from the average (by avoiding their typical mistakes) and communicating that we are more desirable through the use of powerful language. Jim, St. Louis, MO

It makes everyone think twice what they are going to write to a girl and it helps to avoid “fatal” (for potential relationships that is) mistakes. In spite of already reading your manual I think it is a brilliant idea to come out with the Audio program especially because it saves so much time and allows to listen to the entire program several times in the same time it takes to read the book. Gabriel V Hornsby, NSW, Australia

It hits the bulls eye every step of the way with so many ideas to work with in setting up the perfect profile to guiding us to a great first contact email that will get the attention of the women of our dreams. -Gary Iowa City, Iowa USA

I liked the way the audio was set up. You would say your rule, then you would give examples and teach the listener how to do exactly what you did and where to get the knowledge to do so (the profile) which most people skip. Chris S. San Jose, CA

You have a wonderful conversation style that comes through. The audio sounds more like a big brother giving secret advice than someone reading a book. Keep it coming, it’s great stuff! Andrew Los Angeles, California

I loved the manual, but listening to the audio allows me to take notes and easily apply it to my online dating strategy, the obvious enthusiasm in the presentation is very appealing, nice job Adam!! Michael M, Ohio

I do want to reiterate the power of hearing the D.A.O. system. Adam is an excellent speaker and has the ability to make a topic, such as writing a good profile, engaging and entertaining. This was huge for me as I am not much of a writer and needed a deeper understanding of the things Adam touched on in the book. By hearing him speak and talk about a slew of different examples I was able to internalize the information he is working to teach us at a much deeper level. Brad D. Scottsdale, AZ

Your enthusiasm toward your goal of meeting women is very contagious and it really shows., Todd M, Phoenix, AZ

I like audio as a learning method, but taking notes can be time consuming, so I would also want the ebook to highlight key points. Keith H. London

Great program, it’s good to be able to listen to this while traveling. It’s very interesting and entertaining. I would still recommend getting the written version as well, because some of the concepts come across much better in writing. Most of the messages you’ll be sending out will be in writing as well, so you should see these in print… Jeroen S., Netherlands

I think essentially – instead of having to bring up the topic of sex to get sexual – using a more sensual, descriptive form of language to create a more sensual experience with vivid imagery – that right there is the most important thing i learned.. Not only that distinction – but also a practical, step by step way of doing it.” Sanj G, Brisbane, Australia

I was introduced to you by the Guru interview series from David D. and went to your site to see how your brain operated in regards to women. Hearing the name was Net to Bed I was not so sure, I thought you would be another “do whatever you got to do to get her pants off” types but now I know that I was very wrong. You have a very deep respect for the women of the world and because of that respect women can now be understood. Joseph Castor Oilton, Oklahoma U.S.A.

You’ve really helped me understand how to talk to women. Deangelo’s cocky/funny was a great concept to learn, but I thought I just had to be a smartass all the time. You helped me understand that I didn’t and that cocky/funny should be used as a spice. You also taught me that it’s fine to give women compliments and that they can also work very well.

I think personally – you’re very different from some of the dating coaches out there. You seem like you actually really love women like I do – as opposed to some who seem like they have a score to settle against every female out there. I respect that. And i can see that your program encompasses that – great job, and great material.. Sanj G, Brisbane, Australia

I really do hope that this material continues to be this good. We get so many people rehashing others material just for the money. I’m almost sorry I didn’t pull the trigger so to speak on your other products sooner because this was A-1 material and just less than a hour. I hope you make your products available as a whole package and make it attractively affordable sometime in the future. Dave, Washington D.C.

Post-Intensive Implementation underway!

I went to a friend’s party Sunday night, and went into closing and escalating right away. Lots of touch, lots of light and funny, occasionally dropping into deeper stuff about her.  Came away with the phone number of a cute young non-actress, called her (at the time that I said I would) the next day.   She is coming over for some dinner and to watch the film I was telling her about tonight.

Woo-hoo!  You rock, Adam! - J. E.

“This should be a mandatory college course for all men.  It strengthens your inner core while finally helping you understand how women really work… I have a whole new insight into women and their hearts.” - S. D.

“This isn’t about ‘pickup’, selfishly trying to score with women. It’s about unlearning the thoughts and habits that keep you from being successful in attracting and relating to women.”  - M.T.

Hi Adam,
First and foremost thanks for taking the steps to help men become better in general.  I have been working on my confidence level lately and took the steps to not only enhance what I already have but more importantly gain new knowledge through research.  Led me to your program.  I am loving it.  The self affirmations make a huge difference through constant repetition.  Instant Impact.  May you send me an outline for the weekly trainings that the inner 100 receive.  I got the first one today but I want to know who and what the other training will be on.  I saw something about this in one of your emails but I cannot locate it at the time.  Thanks again. -Juan


My name is Amir…

I have always been kind of funny, and women like me but never took me seriously.   I could score now and then, but I was getting tired of trying so hard for an occasional roll in the hay.  I am in my thirties and ready for a real love relationship with a great woman.

So I registered for Adam’s Boldness Code Intensive in 2011, and here’s my story about me and Tina….

About two months ago, I was getting ready for three weeks training before being deployed to Afghanistan when a girl named Tina wrote me from Chicago..

Normally, I don’t pay much attention to girls outside NYC cuz there is no point, but I do tend to just keep in touch with them… cuz who knows, maybe we’ll cross paths…

I dropped a line but then disappeared into training for three weeks.

When I got back, she was pretty dismissive of me.  She would return my texts but not my calls.

She seemed funny and racy and cool .  I thought “snobby party girl” but remembering what Adam taught – that everything is practice and be bold in going for what I want while never taking anything personally (which is part of his formula for personal power) I decided to play along.

So I texted Tina a message that opened like one of the uplifting Facebook updates…

“There are going to be days you don’t believe in yourself and you feel the entire world is out to get you. On those days when you feel you cannot go on anymore, remember one fact of life to get you through it… Amir is awesome.”

She cracked up with it and started calling me. Our first conversation was great too.   I made fun of her because she had been watching the Discovery Channel while she was waiting for me to call – and it was a documentary on what bodies feel during sex…of course I made fun of her for watching a porno.

Since that day we have talked almost every day for an hour at least. She is way into sports and also LOVED talking about sex and has no hangups about it… She also said how it was her dream to move to NYC.

Tina came to visit me in August. She was supposed to stay with a friend she knows from Chicago, but that friend bailed out on her and she wound up just staying with me..,

We had sex within an hour of her landing…for an hour and half straight. That of course set the tone…

Before long, she told me she loves me and since then it took me a bit to say it back. We have shared some deep dark secrets that would have sent other people running…a true bond.

Largely because of Adam’s course, learned to laser focus on my highest priorities and I stopped worrying about the bs of what others would think.

This great thing happened to me in my life because I refused to take inappropriate behavior from a woman.  As Adam teaches it, you let it roll off you and just raise the vibe, setting the pace until she has no choice but to join you.

HE taught me the secret to “de-snobbing” girls by rising above the drama they create because they are guarding their hearts.  He taught me how to open a new field of possibility for them – where you can hold and release their fear. I did this and now, all of her friends are amazed how this once cynnical, jaded man eater is now acting like a giddy school girl.

We not only have a torrid love life but a real relationship based on respect and appreciation.   I’ve been so lucky to find it all in such a great package as Tina!

I want people know how working with Adam changed my life…

Adam – dude –  working with you taught me how to talk to people without expectations.  In all the exercises – speech, body language, mindset, you drilled into me how to embody the powerful masculine that gives by nature.   That was the secret to winning Tina.

She told me that other guys always got all pissed off at her being hard to get, but I just laughed at it and took it for the good opportunity I had… flirt with a cool girl and have a date with her whenever our paths would have crossed.

I really didn’t want anything from her at all and just sought to make her laugh for the sake of making someone feel good. Your program drilled that home for me.

You gave me a quantum leap upwards in confidence and skills with women and I would never have had this amazing, sports-loving, sex-machine gorgeous woman in my life if it hadn’t been for you.

I can’t thank you enough. -Amir

I’m really glad I signed up to receive your complete attractor series.  Most of David D’s monthly interviews are all about pick-up.  That was fine until I got a steady girlfriend.  Your series helps me to sharpen my relationship skills, which certainly has long term value and applicability.

Your analogies of the angry flag/flagpole and the ship/ocean were so helpful.  Thanks.  I’ve only come to this understanding in the last year and it has made things so much clearer.  I’m hoping you can talk more about handling a woman who directs her storms/tests at you in the way of criticism (i.e. she says, you’re not good at this or you should get lasik or you should do something a certain way).  I deal with this from time to time in my relationships and would be interested in knowing how to transition a woman out of such comments.   My current girlfriend had a highly critical mom, so I know that’s where she’s getting this from.

Anyway, I would also love to hear more about getting a woman to laugh.  Your imaginary vacation imagery game is great for creating closeness and intimacy.  I’m wondering if you’ve come across an equivalent for humor.

Thanks. - Chris

    ”Adam, In the month since getting Deep Online Attraction, I’m now getting 3 to 4 unsolicited emails or winks a day, meeting at least one a week, and have taken the relationships “deeper” three times. Thanks, Adam!” — Ned S, Los Angeles

     “I now think about dating online in two parts. Before Deep Online Attraction, when I couldn’t get women to even write back to me, and now — when I get to respond to women who write to me all the time!  First!  With amazing regularity!  You should get a medal! –Eric L.

    “Adam, Deep Online Attraction is more important to me than the stack of my dad’s old Playboys that I’ve been reading since I was 14. Thanks for helping me meet the kind of women I used to dream about.” — Bill, South Bend, IN

    “I don’t need your ebook any more Adam. I set out looking for the love of my life 6 months ago, and I’ve now found her — online, and because of you! Now I am even, actually – you may have to shoot me – thinking of, gulp… marriage — Jaime, Texas